Turtle Health

Turtle Health.

The two most common health problems with turtles are Soft Shell/ Calcium

Deficiency and Fungus.

Calcium Deficiency is usually indicated by a soft shell, weak movement and or deformed shell

It is always best to prevent rather than cure and good prevention includes

keeping your tank clean, adding calcium blocks or Kh buffer and moderate

exposure of uvb light from the sun (un-filtered) or reptile globe.

If you suspect a calcium deficiency it is wise to feed additional calcium sprinkled on top of food.

A visit to the vet for Calcium injections is advisable for severe deficiency.

Fungus is very common on baby turtles and is very easily treatable. Prevention is always the best way and that includes regular walks to dry the skin, a clean tank and buffered ph.

To treat, dry turtle and paint infection with Betadine or fungus-ade, clean tank and repeat daily until infection is gone. Anti Fungus blocks are a useful tool in preventing this infection.

Turtle Diet

Turtles are omnivores and will eat almost anything. Regular feedings of

commercially made mixes is best (turtle dinner and dry pellet) and supplemented with treats such as plants, worms and vegetables. Some favorite treats include peeled tomato, ripe banana, crickets, and live fish.

It is a good practice to remove turtle from the tank for feeding, place in a small tub with a little water and feed. This prevents the tank from getting dirty from left over’s and builds a bond with you and the turtle to trigger feeding times


Aluminium and Purple waffle are two stand outs, the turtles enjoy eating them, however they seem to last the longest and have thick stems for little turtles to rest on. Other plants like Vallis, Blue Stricta and Pennywort are also good substitutes.

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