• Welcome to The Fishbowl! This site has been created by doctors for doctors! It's purpose is to provide a medium for discussion among Australian and New Zealand based doctors. There is a vast amount of knowledge between us, though somewhat limited, inconvenient and fragmented avenues to share this. We encourage discussion about anything and everything from clinical cases, questions, advice, opinions and whatever else you might think of. It is our eventual hope that we get enough members to really open up the communication channels between all specialties. We're a private community that requires a membership to view the forums. Your name and AHPRA or MCNZ registration number is required to register - these will not be visible on your profile or shared. This site only went live early June 2019 and we are continuing to grow slowly - if you are new feel free to introduce yourself in the Introduction thread! (Apologies for the text wall - I can't seem to format this section the way I'd like) - Kris

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Staff member
1. Are you making any money off this site?

None at all! In fact the web hosting, forum software etc all costs money every month/year.

2. What is the main purpose of this site?

I've written a post about exactly that - can be found here

3. Why isn't the site viewable to non-members?

This isn't necessarily set in stone, there's no secret or damaging information in here. This decision was made in an attempt to facilitate open and honest discussion as much as possible. Like everything else, am happy to receive feedback/thoughts on this.

4. Why isn't the site open to other health professionals, allied health etc?

That could be considered in the future, though the scope of this place is already quite broad, and to gain some momentum I felt it was easier to limit to doctors only.

More to come..